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See: National Library of Medicine Type In Search Box: "Fucoidan".
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There have been over 500+ International Scientific Studies.  See: National Library of Medicine ...
Type In Search Box - "Fucoidan"
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Development of Fucoidan
During the mid 1950’s the Soviet government chartered their Academy of Sciences with the task to develop a product that would enhance the performance of their elite (i.e. Olympic athletes, Bolshoi Ballet, World Class Chess Players, and Cosmonauts). They had three key criteria. The product had to be totally non-toxic to human cells, help abnormal unhealthy cells get back to a healthy state and to help the body adapt to stress.

They put 1,200 scientists to the task. They conducted over 3,000 studies with 500,000 people. Their research went on for 45 years.

They found that when an individual was stressed, their adrenal gland produced a hormone in excess called cortisol. Cortisol is highly toxic and attacked muscle mass, attacked the organs, diminished their strength, recovery time was longer and their focus was reduced. It also diminishes the immune system.

The scientists went to work and decoded thousands of plants. They found 12 very rare plants in the far eastern Russian area called the Primorye. These plants would provide the basis for achieving their three objectives as well as control the excess production of cortisol. They coined the term “ADAPTOGEN” for those plants. Their elite were mandated to take the Adaptogen extract every day. One of their studies was with an automobile factory with 4,000 workers. They had a very high incidence of absenteeism due to sickness. Over a 7 year period they reduced their absenteeism by 92.5%. If you took all the Olympic athletes in the 1996 Olympics that were taking the Adaptogen formula and made them a country, they would have come in 4th overall.

We are working with the Russian Academy of Sciences on the harvesting and extraction process today.

Combined with the miraculous sea plant known as Tongan Limu Moui, we have formulated Limu Plus to address the worldwide stress and health level. This full potency formula has a nucleus of the 6 most powerful adaptogens blended with full strength Tongan Limu Moui, the finest aloe vera, nutrient filled sea vegetables, life giving enzymes, essential minerals and many other nutrients. You only need to take 1 ounce per day of this very special Limu Plus formula to experience the difference.

Professional baseball, football, hockey soccer, track, and karate stars have been quietly taking adaptogens for decades. Vitacorp is now taking them to the masses in new Limu Plus!
There have been over 500+ international scientific studies. (See: National Library of Medicine - Type In Search Box: "Fucoidan".
The results are in: Fucoidan is fantastic!

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All research done on Fucoidan indicates that it is completely safe to use and is nonallergenic; and it has no harmful effects on any bodily functions or organs.

DISCLAIMER:  The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
LCR Fucoidan/Modifilan
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What is an Adaptogen?

A Simple Definition:
As can be surmised from the word itself, an 'Adaptogen' is a substance that helps the body to "adapt" to particular stresses put upon it.

The word 'Adaptogen' was first coined by the Russian scientist Dr. N.V. Lazarev in 1947. He reported on several indigenous plants that helped increase the body's natural resistance to environmental stresses and later coined the term "Adaptogen".   However, these rare natural plants, now called Adaptogens, have been used for centuries by Chinese herbalists and in Viking and Russian folk medicine... One in 4,000 Plants

To be considered a true Adaptogen, a plant must conform to the following criteria:

· The plant must be nontoxic and totally harmless to the body. It must allow the continuing normal physiological of the individual. 

· The action it exerts must be nonspecific and should maintain normal body functions despite a wide range of onslaughts to the body (i.e. stress).

· It should normalize body functions irrespective of existing pathological conditions.

Unlike allopathic drugs which carry with them the possibility of side effects, adaptogens must benefit the body without disturbing it or doing it harm. Not many plants possess Adaptogen properties. In fact it is estimated that only one in 4,000 plants is classified as an Adaptogen.