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8 Fucoidan Research
See: National Library of Medicine Type In Search Box: "Fucoidan".
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LCR Fucoidan - Modifilan - U-Fn
There have been over 500+ International Scientific Studies.  See: National Library of Medicine ...
Type In Search Box - "Fucoidan"
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These scientists patented an original technology whereby they took cold-water brown seaweed and dried it in such a way that the outer, more fibrous part of the seaweed was separated from the more nutritious center vein and discarded. This center vein is then gently dried without high heat, thereby retaining all the nutrients possible. And, most importantly, the end result is that this dried product contains up to 50% organic, unprocessed alginates which are highly available because the body does not have to first break down the heaviest outer fibers surrounding them.

Brown Seaweed
Dried Seaweed
Brown Kelp
"Laminaria Saccharina"
See: Seaweed Information
Russia -- Chernobyl Catastrophe

After the Chernobyl catastrophe, the Russian government directed a group of scientists in the Far East of Russia (on the Pacific) to develop a product rich in alginates.

The scientists then proceeded to test their product on victims surrounding Chernobyl, and other volunteers for general health benefits. In all, numerous official studies were done over a five year period.

This product was named and was brought to the Russian general market several years ago by a group of Russian entrepreneurs who understood its unique properties and potential.

We are pleased to be able to offer
you LCR Fucoidan.
There have been over 500+ international scientific studies. (See: National Library of Medicine - Type In Search Box: "Fucoidan".
The results are in: Fucoidan is fantastic!

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All research done on Fucoidan indicates that it is completely safe to use and is nonallergenic; and it has no harmful effects on any bodily functions or organs.

DISCLAIMER:  The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
LCR Fucoidan/Modifilan
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LCR U-Fucoidan PLUS (U-Fn)
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600mg (See: U-Fn)
Also See: Seaweed/kelp
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